Chad touched a lot of people in his life and countless people will miss him. I met chad online in 2001, when I came across his music. Back then, he released his music as mAUDLIN rHAPSODIST and like many others, I liked it instantly and would always anticipate when he would have a new track for me to enjoy. For the next 3 years, I came to know Chad on a more personal level. I watched his music evolve. I enjoyed that he didn't try to please anyone by trying to "fit in" or be someone people wanted to see. Chad was himself and people liked him more for it.

When he told me he was going to move here to further his music studies, I was elated. We talked about working together on Clinical Torment with the upcoming CD release planned. I was sad when he told me he wasn't coming out this summer.

Chad would come along in the forums when other people were talking about day-to-day junk, and throw out something that would make us all think. He's like a brother and his loss is still very surreal. My thoughts go out to his family and everyone he was close with. Several others have asked that I pass on their condolances as well. We will miss you, Chad, but we'll never forget.


When new stuff gets added here or there's news, I'll be sure to post an update.

I've been busy adding old tracks, tributes, remixes, and other stuff people have sent this week. Thanks everyone. I also realize the Clinical Torment links were broken and have fixed them.

Some people mentioned a couple broken links to music in the Clinical Torment site. After some thought, I've decided that I'd like to keep the site just as he left it. I've changed only the front page to link to this memorial page. I dug through my collection and found some old m_r tracks from February of 2002. I've put everything I have up for people to download.

In Chad's memory, I'll keep his site and music available. That's how he'd want it to be. Additionally, when I last spoke to him about getting mAUDLIN rHAPSODIST tracks back online, he said, "i guess if people are weird enough to like it, i might as well let em have it." I will get the ones I have online tonight. If anyone has any old tracks that I should post, please email me.

Chad's Music (MP3)

While the news tells the NEWS, there's a lot more to Chad than they could fit in a short article or half hour on television. For years, Chad's music has captivated people and the fan base has grown and grown. Via his many projects, he's said what others wouldn't, done what others couldn't, and kept us on our toes. I've seen a lot of requests for his older tracks, and Chad asked me a while back to hunt down my copies and make them available to people as he'd misplaced a couple of them. Below is what I have. If you have a track not listed here or a tribute or remix, please send it to me.

(click to listen OR to save, right-click and choose "Save As")

A Crimson Hue
A Pleasant Sort of Hurting
Dishonest Looking For...
Electrofilth (Malfunction Mix)
Fairytales and Lovesongs
gomorrAMERICA (Desecration Mix)
Growing A New Spine
Insecure and Broken
Killing Me
Laughing At You
Left Ajar
Lovesong For A Straightrazor
Melancholy Angel
One More Rejection
Salvation For The Lost (Added 12.04.2004)
Sick Of This World
Snow White Porno
Stained Sheets and Memories
The Astronaut's Choice (Added 12.07.2004)
This Is The End
Trained To Kill
True Love (Dead As Disco)
Until I Fall
We Don't Know
You're Not My God (Added 12.06.2004)

Nancyboy Switchblade
Dysphoric Garden (Clip)
I Love You (Clip)
Lollipop Lovesick

Clinical Torment
Bastard Lullaby
Black Teeth Gnashing
Black Teeth Gnashing (Tastes Like Tussin mix)
Chemical Seduction
Fragments of Myself
Girls Like You
Shade of Grey
The Hypocrite's Dissolution
The Point of No Return
The Scalpel and the Whore
The Scalpel and the Whore (Convergence Mix)
The Sick Desire
The Sick Desire (Babies N Ketchup Mix)

Remixes - For remixes (Added 12.07.2004) - For remixes (Added 12.07.2004) - For remixes

Clinical Torment - Girls Like You (Use and be Used - Revolver)
The Scalpel and the Whore (Hell and Back Mix - Revolver)
Clinical Torment - The Scalpel And The Whore (Nostalgia Remix) (Added 12.07.2004)
mAUDLIN rHAPSODIST - Flowers for Lucretia (Eternal Autumn).mp3 (Added 12.08.2004)
Raine Vivian - Sick of This World
Raine Vivian - True Love (Dead as Disco)

A Tribute to Chad Miller
Deathboy - Fallapart (Too Much for Me).mp3 (Added 12.07.2004)

"You haven't really lived..." A voicemail from Chad about enjoying life (sort of) (Added 12.07.2004)


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Remembering Chad (message board)
Leave Your Mark (guest book)
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I'll post some here shortly.